With an unparalleled black book of contacts, uncompromising attention-to-detail and a plethora of experience, nomade has established itself as the premier lifestyle, concierge and luxury property management firm in Miami. Committed to his hard-earned reputation for exceeding client expectations, CEO and Founder, James Kolka exquisitely caters to a global network of discerning clients whose refined tastes savor only the best. Having developed a philosophy centered around a specialized blend of discretion, exclusivity and VIP access nomade’s clients can rest assured. Whether it be a luxury villa rental, private transportation, event coordination, dinner reservations or property management, our proactive and preemptive staff will not only meet, but exceed your lifestyle requirements.


Offering our clients a comprehensive catalogue of á la carte concierge, lifestyle and property management solutions, our services are specially crafted to streamline your busy schedule and breakdown day-to-day details from the luxurious to the most practical.

nomade provides a magnificent range of options to meet our clients personal and professional demands, having an expert team committed to delivering the highest level of comfort, convenience, and quality assurance. Whether your focus is vacation rental, vacation investments, property investments or finding a primary residences, we at Nomade are here to help.


Want a table at Billionaires Club during Gran Prix? Last minute Artist Passes to Coachella? Lunch with your favorite celebrity at Juvia? Our little black book of contacts ensures you have preferred access to the most exclusive events on The Planet. Perhaps the Galaxy. nomade is your passport to the best The Universe has to offer.